Don't panic

As soon as you start working on your life mission resistances come up, how frustrating! It might be your mindset telling you that you need to learn more or it could be your direct environment telling you that they don't like the changes you're making. It's at these times it might even overwhelm you but let me inspire you today, and let you know that you don't have to quit because you're making others unhappy. You have to keep going if you know, it'll make you unhappy if you don't. How do you think my direct environment responded when I announced my Spiritual Journey? They weren't excited! And you know why they weren't excited? Because they didn't know what I was doing and what this change was going to mean for them!


I knew in my heart I had to keep going, which thank God I did, but it was challenging at times because people don't take you serious when you start with your goals. They doubt you, mostly because you are doubting yourself. We feel judged and afraid they might laugh at us but it's your fear that is holding you back. It's all in your mind that's creating this reality. Even with the people around that you have allowed to be here. It might be they show you what you fear. Judgment is something that weighs heavy on us because we don't feel good enough for something new. Especially if it's close to our hearts (that's when we doubt the most). What do we do when we want to move forward but have no idea what to do and where to go? We keep calm!


Do you remember the memes where you see quotes like KEEP CALM ITS MERCURY RETROGRADE (this is my favorite quote)? It's like that moment where you know if everyone starts panicking nothing will get done and you will get stuck in the mud. You have to make sure every-time you create something it comes from a good place. Inspiration comes from that place inside of your heart that wants to inspire others and isn't afraid to let go of the ones that aren't supportive in the process. When you panic everyone else panics, like when you teach someone how to ride the bike, when you panic everyone else thinks they'll never be able to do it. I do it all the time with my kids when they have to do something new, I am scared but I don't show them. I tell them it'll be okay and I smile because then they go but if I would be scared and crying what type of emotion will they learn at these moments?


What if we would be our authetic selfs?

It's not like we're out to disappoint people but most of the times we don't want to. We don't want other people to notice us because when they do they might say something or discover something that isn't real through their eyes. It's easy to judge someone and I have felt the same emotion. It's an emotion where you feel overwhelmed with the non-love energy you feel while in your heart you thought you gave it your best. It reminds me of this amazing talk I ones saw of Matt Kahn where he explains how it works to be authentic and why people respond to you the way that they do. In short what he explains, you have to listen to Matt speak, by the way, is as little children we are completely authentic. It's the environment that puts pressure on us on how to act, be or do a certain way. Sometimes we are just who we are and not everyone get's that. It's the kid they call "weird" that's the most authentic one or the kid they laugh at because he doesn't catch on as fast as everyone else.


What Matt explains in one of his talks is how it always fascinated him as a child how other people would make fun of him. All he wanted to do was share the Light he has inside of him. He goes on to explain that he was always willing to share his crayons or any toy but kids would sometimes be mean to him. He realised it had nothing to do with who he was, but it comes from how others perceive the energy of love. ,,People respond to our Light'', he explains, which as a kid is the energy of pure love. People with a lot of love to give get it the hardest, people overstep their boundaries, they get stuck with emotions and others push them around. They do this because it's a form of control and not everyone can give out a loving hand. You as a Light-worker might trigger people to be something else.


The trigger of our loving energy.

You are reflecting to them, with just your natural healing energy, where they aren't authentic. This is where the talk of Matt got really interesting: he explained how people respond to WHO we are, not to HOW we are. If we are loving and they don't know what this is, because they come from a traumatic childhood, they will respond how they are raised to respond. It's not because of who you are, it is because of what you are triggering in them. Everyone responds to love differently! You can read more about it here (the energy update of August 2019 is all about love). Some get angry, so when he would offer them a token of love they would be mean while others were able to handle his love and were friendly. We see it in the kids all the time on the playground, how they treat each other.  


You will always come to a point in your life where you need to steer away from other people. People that don't serve you anymore or they don't have the same standards as you and it's okay to be in this stage of your life. You might feel overwhelmed and emotional about letting go but have you ever thought about how much love you are sending to another person when you let them go? If you hold onto them you are depriving them of their Journey just because of your fear of disappointing them. They have to learn what's holding them back and in order for them to learn this they have to be confronted with themselves. As empaths we naturally attract these people in our lives, they come and go but it's important for us to realise they are not always supposed to stay. When they are healed we are supposed to let them go again. This is why we don't take life personally!


Now, you can feel as if you're not good enough to move forward with your goals because you feel like you don't know what to do by yourself. You might be on the lookout for a partner or a good friend and we want to let you know it's okay to feel lonely. It's okay to have this emotion of feeling overwhelmed just because you're not sure how you're going to reach your goals. You might feel as if no one understands you and before you find your tribe- not a lot might! At this moment, the moment you start working on your goals, no one will understand what you're doing and why, because it's something that doesn't fit in the "normal" routine. You might give up too soon and feel overwhelmed because there's no one to help you but you have to ask yourself, how bad do you want it?


Are you capable of creating something so amazing you don't understand why you are doubting yourself? I would love to inspire others, why not continue with your amazing work? Do you have children? Have you ever realized that YOU did that? If you have a dog that listens, do you realise you are doing it? There are so many examples you can create for yourself to remind yourself of how amazing of a person you are. It's when we start doing the things that make us happy, only for us, we  doubt ourselves the most. We feel overwhelmed because there's no one to tell you, good job. If you're looking for validation you will keep hitting that same wall you're trying to avoid.


Don't let the feeling of panic take over and motivate you to quit. Stop telling yourself you're not good enough and you're making a mistake. There are no mistakes because even if you look back in 5 years you will still see how much you've learned along the way. How many times I have walked away from my Spiritual Self, I can't even count it on one hand. Mostly I kept giving up because I was expecting something of myself. I thought I needed to be something or someone and that people were expecting me to be help. I figured I couldn't just be a mom or a wife. "No way could I ever share the story that I didn't have my life in order if I'm going to be this Spiritual person", that idea was holding me back and keeping me small. 


I thought I had to be something I wasn't and I would feel like a fake. I would feel like I was telling a story and not living by that story but it was something I believed in. This is what was keeping me from doing what I love and that's talking about Spirituality and helping others achieve their life mission. Don't blame others for your own resistance. Even though sometimes others can be a part of the problem, you are responsible for the change. It can be hard to stay consistent and when times are good we sabotage ourselves and start right back from square one. It's like living on a budget for so long, you don't want to be broke but you thrive at being broke, because you always know how to do some creative book-keeping. I was like that. Subconsiously I was keeping us broke because I knew how to spread a meal and I made it my passion to thrive but it was tearing me apart inside because I hate being broke! I don't like to say no to something I want and it puts me in tantrum mode. When I discovered this pattern in myself I learned as much as I could about money blocks and I started clearing them. It didn't stop there, I learned about the energy of money, abundance and how to get your finances in order. You have to find in yourself what you're doing that's holding you back. What's going on in your subconscious that's making sure every time you make a move you come right back to where you started?


When you aren't afraid to ask yourself these questions so much more things start to happen for you. You don't feel like you have to do or be something you're not and it will help you to choose the right people to surround yourself with. A form of sabotage is also letting people in your life that are not right for you. People that create drama and never support you when the time is right. This can be family for you! I know it was for me. You have to see in your surroundings what is negatively triggering you. You don't have to tell everyone they are bad because that's not always the case. 


Let's dive into three steps that you can take for you to stay in the flow and keep you out of panic mode. 

1. Notice the panic when it comes in. 

You might tell yourself you're doing good but panic comes in fast and usually when you notice it you've already gone to fare. You have to make sure you stay connected and create a ritual that works for you. When you have something to hold on to you continue longer and you're not tempted to give up. It can be anything from meditation, going for long walks to hanging out with some amazing friends when you get a chance. As soon as you feel overwhelmed you must step back and realize what's happening. It also comes through the body where you start to feel like everything is just too much. You can decide what works for you when you feel this way. 


Don't let panic overcome you but see it coming. 


2. You can do it.

What makes us quit our goals is the fact that we tell ourselves we're not good enough. Especially when we have a toxic environment it's so easy to give up. It becomes an option to quit because no one knows how to get you motivated enough to keep going. When you remind yourself of all the amazing things you've done before you get this clear view of that goal that you might be able to reach. If you can stay focused enough to keep moving forward, you've hit gold. Write down your goals and don't let anything distract you from where you want to go. Even if that means saying NO at times. 


When you see where you've come from it's easy to go where you're headed.


3. Surrender.

Let it all happen and don't be afraid to make mistakes. I had to tell myself lots of times that it's okay to make mistakes because in truth it is! You can't be perfect and thank goodness we don't have to be. When you let go and trust that the Universe will provide for you, everything will start to come together. Not only will you see all the amazing stuff that's already happening for you but you will also see your goals are possible. Everything you want is possible and you won't always see the proof but if you trust and stay connected it will happen for you as well! Don't be afraid to keep moving in a direction that works for you. You might not always understand what is going on around you but you will start to get into this ritymn that makes you happy. A motion where you don't have to be afraid anymore of all the things you dream of and their reality in your life. 


Dream big and let go. The Universe is making it happen for you. 


Realizing you are doing what you have always dreamt of can be scary. It's a new part of ourselves that is coming out and we don't always know how to react. It's new and you will be challenged. But don't let panic take over, always stay connected to your Authentic  Self. Let this person come out and give yourself the space to become something amazing. 

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    Elise Severino (vrijdag, 09 augustus 2019 14:50)

    Hi guys! YIKES! Panic! How it overcomes us all and I think I can deff relate to this topic. What do you feel like when it comes to panic?
    1. you let it overwhelm you and don't know how to get out?
    2. you feel like you don't know what else to do?
    3. have you tried different things?