Fear of failure.

The bigger the dream the more resistance you are going to feel. That's why you feel so much resistance when your working on your life mission. In your mind, you'll come up with a thousand reasons why you shouldn't be successful and I want to trigger you today to find out what's going on. You might discover you're doing a better job then you thought. Even though it feels like you aren't at all. It'll feel like you're never present to focus on your mission or you're always taking care of everyone else but yourself- let alone your mission. But when you take the time to measure your success and get some facts straight you'll see there's so much more going on then you noticed the first time around. 


Don't let your mind trigger you in not doing anything because you think that's what is already happening. All that's happening is that you've lost your balance between being present in life and fearful thinking of what might be. You'll always find a reason to not do what you should be doing when it comes to working on your mission. For a lot of Lightworkers, it comes down to understanding what it takes to reach a life goal. I had to learn this for myself as well and what I learned is not everything is this perfect mixture of knowledge. I read this article ones about you have to be present every day in every moment for your mission. , Always be "on the grind", they said and I thought this was the way so I went all in.


I'm going, to be honest with you- I tried- crashed and burned more times then I wanted to. I literally didn't have "all the time" to spend on my mission because of my private life. Besides "grinding" I was also dealing with two kids, a husband and myself- I needed to make a change.  I realized I was trying to become something that I wasn't and I kept burning up. It wasn't authentic to who I was and that's why it kept being taken away from me. Even though I knew I had to be present I also needed to be able to find that perfect balance and I did. As soon as you accept what you're doing isn't right for you your fear of failure fades away.


When you surrender failure is just a part of it. 

Let go of your control to predict the future and you'll feel a shift happen within you. Your FOMO won't be so loud and it's almost peaceful to be in this headspace. You're not afraid to make mistakes and you won't feel overwhelmed because you know you can just get started. Nobody expects you to be an amazing leader overnight. It comes with time and with experience. Even when you know what systems should be where you can still not going to be doing it perfectly. I've learned that you need to start with the basics first and then work your way up.


My biggest mistake was that I tried to be everything for everybody but because of it, I kept losing my focus on what was important for me. I can't expect myself to focus only on my mission while my family needs me. I don't want to be a leader and having to sacrifice or compromise all the time. I'm down with telling the kids 'mommy has to work', but I'm not cool with pushing all my obligations out the window because I'm afraid that I won't reach my goals. 


You're living in a blessed period.

Don't forget at any time that it's a blessing to being able to work on your mission while raising kids. Not even 20 years ago this was impossible. It was your job as a mom to be home and raise your kids. Then we all started to work and bring the kids to daycare but now we've shifted even more. As moms, we've made it possible to create a lifestyle from home that allows us to raise our children ourselves and still do different things in life. We as moms don't have to watch all our dreams disappear only because we decided to have children. We can do everything and be anyone as long as we set our minds to it. 


At times I believe we've forgotten how blessed we are as moms in this day and age. We forget when we get distracted by the "other things" out there and we feel rushed. The "what if" plays a bigger role in our lives. We've forgotten what it's like to be at home all day just cleaning the house and doing groceries. There was no internet to make it possible to talk to someone from across the world. Back then your world was between your house and the supermarket. So much has changed for us and we need to acknowledge it and start rolling with it before the window closes.


It's time to open the door to happiness.

Don't let yourself get distracted by the idea that you might make a mistake and look like a fool. Speaking from experience, it doesn't feel nice to make a mistake nor does it look amazing when you cry and pout about it. But I've done it and I'm pretty sure a lot of others have done it as well. There will be millions of times where you feel like you should give up and that you're not good enough for what your trying to create but trust me you'll regret not moving forward on your dreams.


There is a reason why they are there. You've asked for more and now you are given the opportunity to create more so why to let anything stop you from it. We fear we won't be everything for everybody anymore. Our fear of not being able to spend time with the kids or even worse having to say no to them! I always believed in being home for the kids and doing it all for them but there's a fine line between being available for the kids and letting your world evolve around them. They're not here to make you happy. They're here to enrich your life. When we expect them to make us feel fulfilled we are taking away their opportunity to be who they wished to be. 


You need to get started.

Even when you feel overwhelmed you need to make time to get started on your mission. You have this idea, you tried it but somehow still feel like it isn't working out. What's missing? Let's find out (click here if you're serious) and start working through re-structuring your life. It's not hard reaching your mission. It's not harder then the rest all it requires is planning and balance. You might wonder what's holding you back or why haven't you been able to get "it right"? Nine out of ten times the reason why you're not moving forward is that you don't have your systems in place. I'm not only talking about marketing, social media platforms, and websites. I'm also talking about mindset, identifying resistance and understanding why you think the way you think.


You'll have to show up EVERY SINGLE DAY with a fresh mindset hoping that you've got those goals under control and a lot of times you're going to feel like you don't have any control. Let go of your need of having to do it all by yourself but create a supportive group around you that will help you daily. Being in the right mindset will help you move forward faster and it'll make sure you don't slip in a negative mindset, read more about expanding the mindsetEvery moment you feel yourself slipping away in fear grab yourself by the tits and move forward.


Three steps to move past fear.

1. Let go of control.

Control is something we can't control and because of that, we'll stay in the same loop thinking that this is where we need to be. You'll understand control more when you learn how to surrender more! All of your fears will surface but you'll be able to grasp them better. You won't talk yourself out of moving forward either. You can't move forward if you need control in your life. When you're able to let go of the outcome and trust that everything happens in your life for a reason the pressure falls off.


Let go of what you want it to be and allow it to grow by itself.


2. Fear is allowed to be present.

It's okay to feel fear and get stuck in it for a while. As long as you don't take up too much time. Take a minute to gather your thoughts so you can come back stronger. Take a break from work and scheduled life so you can gain perspective. Being able to let go will help you to understand what you need and which direction you need to head for next. You can't be on your computer all the time expecting things to change or only spend time with the family expecting that you'll reach your mission without being present. It's all about balancing all life areas and feeling as less resistance as possible. 


Don't let fear take over but allow it to be present so it can teach you something.


3. It's only fear.

You've got this girl! You've already been having it! The moment you decided that your life could be different you opened yourself up for more. You don't have to be afraid anymore. It's coming. It just takes time. At times we want to rush into our lives hoping that the future will come faster but it won't. You need to understand that in the future you won't be able to do anything that will make you happy. Change starts in the present. In the NOW. Understand this and you've won already.


Love note: we all fear failure. Mostly because we have this dream where we are happy and free. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could watch this dream come true? If you are in need of some guidance to help you please have a look here

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