Expanding your mindset.

A negative mindset starts with a thought filled with fear that keeps getting bigger because of the emotions it triggers within the body. When you feel a negative emotion (anger, fear, guilt and more) your mind slips into negative thinking. Thoughts like "I'm not good enough" or "it's never going to happen for me" will come by more frequently. This is when a thought takes over the mindset. The mindset is that which you primarily believe is true and how you perceive your reality. You can notice which mindset is present within the human body. ,How do you feel?', is the most common question asked but it also means something. We tend to ask how we feel because that's how we as humans connect with one another. When we feel negative it shows up in the body, think of the last time you were sick or how you felt when you received bad news. Negative thoughts take over the body which is filled with emotion.


When the body goes in emotional meltdown it starts to reflect in your outer world. People react differently to you and it feels like they're pushing buttons that usually don't bother you so much. It's when you feel triggered by everything and anything that you've slipped in a negative mindset. It's when the kids will never go to bed or that blog will never get written. Usually, this is the first sign of resistance. You want to do something but your outer world is telling you it isn't possible. You're not balanced in your inner world and the outer world will show you what's going on inside. It becomes such a distorted reality because of the mixed messaged that are being send out into the Universe. 


See the Universe as a one-way street. It only picks up what you're sending out and it won't make it's own suggestions because that's not how free will works. You need to send out clear messages and this can only happen when your goals are crystal clear. You need to decide what you want to happen in your life and in this moment that's what you want to happen within your life. This creates a shift. A shift that will tell the Universe a new message. The message that you've taken control over your life and you're serious. This message gets translated into your reality by ideas and creative projects.


But a goal can't be reached if the mindset isn't right. As long as you second guess yourself you keep sending out mixed messages in the one-way street to the Universe. Remember, every time you want something you have to make it crystal clear what you want, how you want it and by when. Then you release your intention and while you're waiting for "it" to show up you have to surrender and surrender some more. That's where the mindset game gets played. You can't ask for a new car and then keep doubting if it'll show up because then it won't show up! You are literally blocking the car from showing up. This brings frustration because you start second-guessing the Universe and your fear of not getting the car will bring more negative emotions which then becomes a negative spiral of emotions.


I now realize it isn't the systems you set up or that you're not talented enough. Everything and anything starts with a positive mindset. How you feel and how you see life is where everything gets started. When you feel overweight and all you keep focusing on is being overweight what happens? According to the Law of Attraction, we get even fatter! That's because all we're doing is re-creating the situation as it already is: overweight. When we start to play with the idea that we can control how we look and feel we're taking control of our mindset therefore our reality. This is where you draw in more abundance. It's the mindset that determines what you receive. Even when your life starts to take off if your mindset isn't a positive one you won't be able to enjoy it because it'll be gone before you've actually realized it was even there. 


How do you determine if your mindset is holding you back?

The moment you don't get satisfaction out of your life it's important to ask yourself: ,why'? What's going on in your life that makes you feel overwhelmed and under valued. Something most of my clients bring up is, they feel overwhelmed by their mission and all the little things that come with building a balanced life. 


When focusing on the little things you'll start to lose energy. You can't keep track of time and feel overwhelmed at the same time because you don't have the clarity you need in order to take the right next step. It's at this moment you sit yourself down at the table and ask yourself: ,what am I doing wrong?' It can feel as if you need to do everything or nothing gets done but mainly what you're doing is distracting yourself from what's really important and that's to enjoy life and creating an amazing business. A small adjustment in your goals or even your timetable can help you find where you've been holding yourself back and why you've allowed anything to hold you back.


You're holding yourself back.

When you're holding yourself back you can feel it in your bones. You know you're not doing the work you're supposed to be doing. The emotion of guilt starts to take over and you feel overwhelmed. In my experience, it's not possible to achieve goals by only imagining them. You can't draw in what you're dreaming of becoming real in your life by closing your eyes and imagining it. Reality and dreams become real when we take action steps and align with your dreams. You have to get out there and create the life you wish to have. Every day you show up for yourself. At times you're going to feel like no one understands what you're going through (and most times that's exactly what's happening) but you have to keep moving towards your goals.


A clear mindset will help you reach goals. Keep track of how you think and how it makes you feel like before you take the next step. Creating a mindset can be seen as a game where you need to get connected with your intuition to understand why you're doing the things you do. What makes working on your mindset and achieving goals hard is the fact that we weren't all raised in tune with our body. Understanding why we feel the way we feel helps us understand how the Universe communicates with us. We feel left out because we aren't getting the answers we're looking for but you need to let this go. Embrace your mistakes and I promise you it will fall into place. 


Focus on possibilities and it won't feel like a challenge to achieve your goals. Change your perspective of how you look into the world that you're living in. When all you see is the kids screaming your name and your husband asking for you to take care of dinner then you'll constantly feel overwhelmed with life. But when you look at the same situation with a loving heart, take your time to listen to the kids, and order take out all of a sudden your resistance will disappear. You'll take charge of life and won't be afraid to take initiative because you feel in control. I wish for you to notice that misery likes company which means that it's important you don't get stuck in the never-ending story. It's easy to tell yourself you're never going to get there, but it's harder to convince yourself of what you're worth and how much value you bring when you feel down and out.


That's why you have to keep moving forward.

Even if it means that you have to upset people or yourself. There are going to be times where you need to do things that aren't your favorite things to do. These are usually tasks that are outside of your comfort zone. Something I give my clients as a reminder is that when you move outside of your comfort zone you'll see and experience more. You can't stay in the same loophole expecting a different outcome each time you enter the same hole.


It's frustrating to feel stuck and it will frustrate you so much over time that you'll resent those around you for it. You'll start to blame others for what you're not doing. Take control so you don't end up disappointed with what you didn't do. Your dreams won't go unnoticed. Listen to your heart and follow the dreams you have. Your mind will tell you that this is where you need to stay while your heart craves change. Remember that every time you push yourself to do something new your mind will tell you it's not possible while your heart reminds you that it's just a thought. 


You have to get going. Thinking your way to the top won't work but visualizing will (combined with action steps). The moment you're able to surrender control and fear you will come at this place where you're just hanging out. The best moments during a casual day are when I'm relaxing with the kids or listening to my husband explain something about social media. It's the little moments that matter the most for me and give me the most energy. Being in that moment allows me to focus on myself and not on where I don't want to be. I attract moments where I can be creative and not distracted by fear. It's when I feel at peace, in a loving place without distractions of fear, I'm fully focused on my goals. I don't have the need to control anything but I'm working on my goals.


You don't have to follow a strict plan in order to achieve goals. You can enjoy life and be creative while you reach goals. It's in the mind where we start to feel guilty that we're not moving. We're taught that nothing happens if we don't move but the most work actually gets done without moving. By allowing your life to work for you and taking the time to be creative you'll notice your freedom growing and you becoming a happier person.


Three steps to get there.

1. Understanding what's holding you back.

You will always feel like you could do better and you can do more, but you can't do more if you're given it your all. There is a moment that you need to let go and identify what your negative thought is. It can be resistance to change or your fear of not being able to create an amazing life. You can write down what you feel could be holding you back. Write down in your diary 5 re-occurring thoughts that are currently holding you back.


By understanding what's holding you back you're able to move forward.


2. Affirmations alone won't get you anywhere.

I love writing affirmations because they remind me of the potential of an abundant mindset. Now there are also times where I feel overwhelmed with affirmations because it distracts me of what needs to get done. You don't have to work with affirmations if it's not your flavor but you can definitely try to write some. Let's say you've realized that you hold yourself back from breaking through in life. Then you can write an affirmation that will help you shift your mindset. 


By using a new affirmation you'll be able to shift your mindset into a more positive one and it starts with affirmations.


3. Keep moving forward.

When it comes to mindset it's important to always keep moving forward. You'll try to keep yourself from moving forward because you fear the outcome but every little step is a step forward. You can't hold yourself back from creating something that you love because every single day you'll feel it in your heart that others are waiting for you. Even when it's hard to show up. That's what being creative is for. You want your creativity to do the work so you get to enjoy your life. 


Every day your mindset is re-set. I love waking up in the morning and get started on my mindset right away. The first thing I tell myself in the morning is that this day is going to be magical. I hold on to this energy as long as I can by writing down my goals and taking clear steps towards reaching my goals. You can get there and you don't need to feel overwhelmed or afraid. As soon as you get started with the small steps you'll start to feel a lot better.


Having a clear mindset will help you create achievable goals in life. At times we can feel overwhelmed with our thoughts because we don't know how to create an action plan that will get us to where we crave to be. I'm here for you and I understand your frustration. Have a look here and let me know if you'd like to create balance in your life. Meanwhile, keep moving forward. Remember the freedom and balance you crave is possible.


Love note: if you notice your mindset slipping, please book a session with us. My Lightteam is waiting for you to guide you through your resistance and explain how to move past negative mindset. Read more about our work here

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  • #1

    Marinka (zondag, 23 juni 2019 16:24)

    Love this! Every time I feel stuck, I just know my mindset needs to shift and as soon as it does - I'm free again.

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    Christina (woensdag, 26 juni 2019 21:04)

    YASSS!! Change is necessary in order to grow. This speaks to me as well, changing your mindset is key to a healthy lifestyle.