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Lucky Bitch Manifesting Course

In this course, I learned the Manifesting Process. This course has confirmed so much for me as to how the Universe works and how you can create an amazing balanced life working on your dreams. Denise Duffield-Thomas explains in an amazing way how you can work together with the Law of Attraction to create an amazing life. I love sharing this knowledge with my coachee's and followers. 


Certified Oracle Guide**

I've deepened my skills as a Card Reader by following the Oracle School program of Colette Baron Reid. I've completed both levels (PM&SW) with success and I've mentored a group in her program in Oct. 2018. During the program, I've learned how amazing the Universe is and how to communicate with your intuition, inner Self and Higher Self. Colette Baron Reid is an amazing teacher for Oracle Cards. 


She's confirmed abilities and strengths that were always inside me but I had no idea of. When I became more aware of my co-creating powers with the Universe I combined knowledge and talent with everything I've translated from the Universe. 



Healing, removing energetic blocks, entities, and demons. Receiving insights on patterns, and translator of messages of the Universe. 

I started reading Tarot cards in 2014 where I helped people recognize their own patterns and what was holding them back from creating the lives they dreamt off. I noticed that not everyone was able to see where they were stuck and how to move past old conditions. This took them round and round never having the ability to break loose and start a new pattern. 


After I started with the Tarot cards I was introduced to energy work. I started working with energy around 2015 where I learned how to give others healings. In 2016 I started with a technique called implant removal. It's the removal of all blocks holding you back from achieving the life you want to live. It's work I enjoyed doing for a good year on where I enrolled in doing demon work and darker entities removal. Because it's such a hard job to do and combine with a young family I decided to stop doing this type of work and only focus on doing Tarot cards readings. This is also when I started doing trauma healing. It's energetically removing the trauma energy on which you base your decisions in life. You'll notice a shift within yourself after healing. 


The years of Spiritual Growth have shown me different sides of the Universe and how it all comes together when you start working on your dream life. Everyone has their own needs but we all wish to be happy in life. No one is the same person and we still have the same trauma: afraid to be who we want to be and move past resistance. When I was introduced in the world of energy I also started to develop my skills in the energy of Abundance and Money. I wanted to understand fully what it means to manifest money, how to move past money blocks and create a rich life. 


I rolled from there to understanding the mindset and Law of Attraction. Through the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I've learned so much about how the Law works and what influence our emotions have on our manifestations. I use these tools every single day! The body is our translator and we can use it to reprogram our lives. We don't have to settle with our reality if it doesn't make us happy. You can create it all!


Now that I've learned these tools it's my mission to start implementing them in my life and teaching others who are interested the same. Where's your resistance? What's stopping you? I think it's amazing to discover in someone what's holding them back. There's always resistance towards happiness and it's my job to discover what's holding you back and why! This is what's going to help you create that life of your dreams. I've started to become more aware of my own mindset, why I think the way I do and why I don't always get what I want. It's important to reach goals and work towards them. You don't have to be anything you don't want to be. Everyone wants to create something bigger than themselves and it's human-being that has more desires to do more. 


I love watching others accomplish their dream lives but now it's my turn to create my dream life. It's my determination to become successful which fuels me every day to show up and motivate. I love inspiring other women to create this amazing life. You can have it all. 


Communicating with Spirit

I've fed this urge to be able to speak with my father through learning how to communicate with Spirit. It began by learning how to see energy through understanding the Auric Field. I had to learn how everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. We lose our jobs, lose loved ones or come home burned out from life wondering if there's more out there and there is. I've developed my mindset through the teachings of Abraham. Esther hicks translations made my whole Spiritual Journey come together by understanding everything is connected.


I would read energy bodies from my vclients but also dive into their trauma helping them understand they don't have to accept their reality. Energy work really opened up my perspective on how life is a journey. There is so much more out there. Communicating with Angels, my dad and many High Beings has made me feel special and honoured. I couldn't stop sharing all th einformation they were giving me. Through out the years I've taken breaks in between working with my Lightteam and working with others. Mostly because it's a big impact on my personal life. I needed to learn how to balance my personal life and business life. The part where you try to get the messages out there was a learning curb for me. 


I dove into gaining knowledge on how to run a business and what's neccesary to start a business. I very much enjoy this part of life, having my own business, because it showed me a different aspect of what others should be doing with their life. 



Who taught me what?


Psychic medium. Specialization in neutralizing dark and negative energy fields like black magic, voodoo, goona goona, indredjaal, view view, nedjer and more.



Astrologist from India.


Colette Baron Reid

Spiritual Medium


Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money Mindset-coach


Whats my specialty

A good wake up call and I can show you what your reality is telling you. I'm an amazing mirror for situations, growth moments and the mindset. I'll help you see where you have resistance. 


Who do I work with? 

I work with those who are conscious of their personal development. This means that you have some idea of what you would like to create but you're still connecting the dots. You're looking for some tools to help you create what you've been dreaming about.


Now you're at this point where you know you're about to do something really important in your life and you're done being stuck. The moment you tell yourself and others you're done being stuck you've actually created a new opportunity for the Universe to show up for you.  



Apply for any freebies I create to help you on your path. 


I know you

Why do I know who you are? Because I was who you are. A doubter, but deep inside you can feel you're up for so much more. You know that you're here on Earth to complete a big mission, but you can't figure out how. Every piece you're trying to put together you'll want to do with confidence but you feel the fear, doubts, and trauma. 


You are hands-on and always open to new things that make you happy. You would love to do something that brings you abundance. Not just to get rich, but also because you want to live a life where you can give more, but also take care of yourself more. It feels like at times you give others so much but you can't seem to find time for yourself. You're looking for balance. 


Setting boundaries can be a challenge at times because you're such a giver and because you see the solutions where others don't. The Universe will give you signals through the body that make you feel tired, without purpose and sad. Sometimes you find it difficult because you can't seem to understand what you're doing wrong. You're giving as much as you can but why can't you understand what's going on? The Universe would love to see you love yourself more, create this amazing balance where you can set healthy boundaries and write a planner. You're done living in your own shadow. You're ready to embrace your life and start reaching those goals. You're looking for conscious, but valuable help but also with someone that understands you. 

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Vrouw, moeder en het heeft me jaren gekost om te begrijpen dat ik ook MEZELF ben. Jarenlang heb ik alles weg gegeven wat ik dacht dat een ander gelukkig zou maken, maar ik bleef eenzaam en zonder doel achter.


Ik geniet altijd van het werken aan een doel, maar ik kon niet ontdekken welk doel ik wilde behalen. Het was tot kort geleden dat ik erachter kwam dat ik mezelf klein hield en dat ik elk excuus gebruikte om maar niet te hoeven bewegen.


Elke keer als ik aan iets nieuws begon kon ik wel een reden verzinnen waarom ik er niet aan hoefde te werken. Ik was niet goed genoeg, ik had niet genoeg tijd of geld en zoveel meer. Het was er allemaal. Nu duw ik door weerstand heen en bewijs ik mezelf elke dag weer dat mijn droomleven creëeren mogelijk is en dit allemaal sinds ik mijn verbinding met het Universum heb versterkt. 


Ik nodig je uit om deze reis met mij aan te gaan en jou te ondersteunen terwijl jij hetzelfde proces doorloopt. Ik ben er voor je als je er klaar voor bent. Geniet van je reis.