Energie werk

Energie werk · 19. september 2019
Zodra je de stappen begint te nemen naar je droomleven zul je een shift voelen binnen in jezelf. Dit zal je helpen om te zien dat je dromen werkelijkheid kunnen worden en dus kun je het loslaten.
Energie werk · 05. augustus 2019
The feeling it's just all coming your way but then the in-evatable happens, you forgot your amazing idea! Oh no, but it won't happen next time when you use these amazing tools. Every-time-again.

Energie werk · 30. juli 2019
Are you doing it all by yourself or have you been asking for help but you're not moving forward? There is such a difference in being able to ask for help or asking for validation because you're afraid of making mistakes. Don't be. We all do!
Energie werk · 29. juli 2019
Who do you wish to serve? How many people are waiting for your message? As we go through our dreams, there will be a moment where you need to ask yourself "who do I wish to serve"?

Energie werk · 24. juni 2019
How do​ you go past fear? With these three steps and help to shift your perspective, you'll be able to move past what you believed was holding you back to understanding nothing can.
Energie werk · 22. juni 2019
Is your mindset holding you back from actually creating something? It's critical that you understand that everything in life starts with a positive mindset. Not only being able to draw in what you would love to see real in your life but also how to shift your mind when all you feel like doing is quitting!