Allow money in.

Money is one of my favorite energies to discuss because so many feel resistance when it comes to money. Money has many different layers and it took me a while to understand what they were but in time I started to see how everything was connected and I'm here to help you see it the same way. Now, I understand it and I manifest it while at the same time enjoy it, use it and pay bills with it. Money brings us freedom and it can help us create a life where we don't have to rely on outer conditions. Where we can just be who we want to be without feeling constrained, with money we tend to become more authentic, that's what we believe. We can let go of our fears and some believe we get happier as time goes by. It's not about having more money when it comes to money because money doesn't bring happiness.


People tend to forget that money is a source that you can use to expand happiness, it's not happiness itself. Just imagine you being happy already and then asking the Universe to help you hold on to that happiness as long as possible. Money is a part of that just like meditation, communicating with Spirit and translating the messages of the Universe is. Anything that helps you continue in the energy of happiness started because you were happy in the first place. When I was studying the teachings of Abraham it took me a minute to realize that the core of their explanation is about finding happiness. Being neutral will help you to find the answers, being happy will show you the path of least resistanceand using the Law of Attraction will bring you everything you ever wanted. That is why they refer to the Vortex, it is where everything you ever wanted it stored and when you're in neutral you receive the messages that will help you understand how to receive them. 


You don't have to push and push.

Most of us force our way through life because we believe that we have to push and achieve. It's the outer world that shows us these commercials of the things we need to buy or the expectations show us the things we need to do, most confusing is who we need to be. Haven't we noticed already that it doesn't work for us? It's the main reason why we are on the lookout for new ways and trying to understand how to be different. Even if we have the same traits we don't want to be like everyone else, we all want to be unique in a way, where we stand out more and are what makes us happy, but how do we find this happiness, when you are going around in circles trying to understand happiness.


You can't find happiness in someone else, it's already inside of you and the same goes for money. If you are having money situations, because everything can be solved-how deep it may seem now-you have to create a clear view of where you are first. When we were deeply in debt I didn't even open the door when the doorbell rang because I was so afraid that someone would walk in and just start taking my stuff (thank goodness that doesn't happen), what I was most afraid of was that I didn't have control over the situation anymore and the main reason was because I never took responsibility over my situation! I had allowed (well we) this situation we were in to become too big to just roll away and we had ignored it because we both didn't feel like dealing with it. It wasn't until we decided to change our lives and up-level our lives that we both knew we'd also have to come face to face with our debts and it was embarrassing. For me the most embarrassing part was that I wasn't like this. As a younger girl, I always saved money and I always had money around me but it wasn't till I moved out on my own that I started drowning because at that point I realized I was never held accountable. I never learned what would happen if you don't come through for yourself or others. 


Heal your relationship with money.

I had to heal my relationship with money and forgive her, accept her and get ready to invite her back in and everything that I've learned is something that has healed me as a person as well. Have you found it hard to embrace who you are with or without money? Do you have a lot of money but still find this emptiness inside of you because you thought it was going to bring you a certain feeling but it didn't? Or perhaps you struggle with money and are dreaming of a better life because you see how others with money are living a better life. In a recent post, I shared how I notice people are living in a bubble nowadays, it's an amazing thing to see influencers talk about it more often as well, it's about how the pictures we see on Social Media aren't always what they seem to be and it's all to trigger that trauma inside of you. 


You feel triggered because you're longing for something, you long for freedom because we as humans aren't made to live in cages, especially in the minds-cage. We want to be our own masters but when we don't know how to be this type of person we start looking and hoping someone can carry us. Maybe someone is willing to take our hand and show us the way only to find yourself disappointed in the end again because you followed or asked for help of someone that wasn't truthful to who you are. When you allow fear to take over you make moves out of fear. When you surrender you allow the Universe to come in and help you. Surrendering to a situation in your life takes courage and not everyone is ready for it. Some might argue they've been trying but it doesn't take much practice to apply surrendering. All it does it allowing it to be and not taking life personally. It's when we make it personal we tell ourselves that it's our fault which shifts us in victim role. When in victim role you make it about you and life isn't about you. Life is just a journey. Wear it losely.


When you acknowledge where you are in life you will also see where you need to get to work and which life areas need to have a good look first. You have to see where you aren't allowing money to come in in your life and most of the time it's not on the obvious places like work or business. If you feel like you should be living the next level but your life doesn't show it, yet, maybe these thoughts might be interesting for you. Have you considered working on self-love? Being able to love yourself will open your flow to abundance in a much faster and rapid way. When you feel abundant you aren't only open for more money but you are open for happiness. Becoming happier, and when you are happier you are more receptive to the thoughts that are coming through from the Universe. The Universe is where you connect to get those great ideas, probably those great ideas you've had in the past but haven't acted upon every-single-one-time.


When does happiness come in?

So what do we do when we become happier? We start to work on our boundaries, we don't allow lower vibrations to mess with ours and we stay clear in our minds. We start to feel better and create more and all that effortless work will bring in more money. Why? Because you are raising your level of abundance. If being broke doesn't make you happy then why do you accept this as your reality? It's because of resistance that you've come to accept it. Sometimes we accept things in our lives because we feel like it's the easy way out but it's not because it's costing you years of your life. Years where you haven't been doing anything productive with your life because you've felt lost. But you don't have to feel this way. You don't have to let this take over your life. You can change and you can move past your resistance


When you allow the happiness in your life to become bigger and greater in each life area all that's going to happen is that everything just starts to happen. It becomes effortless and then you become effortless. The weight will fall off your shoulders and you won't feel like you have to do everything yourself. You will feel supported in each life area because they will all start to balance each other out. Every life area will ask for your attention but that isn't the key to balancing. The key is to find what you want to focus on in at that moment and then make sure you keep everything else moving forward. Let's have a look and start you up with 3 steps to help you get started on allowing money to come in your life as we speak. 


1. Don't focus on what you don't have.

This is one of the principles that stuck with me when I was learning the teachings of Abraham Hicks. What it explains is that when we don't have enough money we can feel stuck focusing on how much money we don't have. We start to look around us and seeing all the things we cannot buy or the things we aren't doing when it comes to money and start feeling stressed about it. As we start to feel stressed we then feel as if life is taking over and feel depressed even though in truth nothing is going on. How many times have you stressed over not being able to pay your bills as when you look at them in truth nothing is going on? 


When we focus on what we do want and thus focus on what we do have we take away the fear of not having enough. We open ourselves for more because now we've opened the door to opportunities. Now, everything is possible because we have taken the fear of what we don't have away. As you start focusing on the things that you do have and so seeing all the magic that has already occurred in your life all of a sudden you notice how other things happen. When you focus on what makes you happy and release your worry then you feel relieved. Even though it won't fix the problem right away it will create space where the Universe can catch up with you and create a solution for you. 


Focus on what you want and release your fear of the unwanted. 


2. Understand abundance.

The funny thing about money is that it's not something that we think it is. Money isn't energy, money is just a piece of paper or a coin someone slapped a sign-on and gave us a belief about. It's abundance that's the energy. Feeling abundant will allow you to feel rich. When you feel rich you feel as if anything is possible, as if you have no fears that are holding you back from accomplishing the things you've been dreaming off. Those "things" that you keep dreaming of are there for a reason. Have you ever realized that all the dreams you have are there because at some point you've wondered if your life could get any better then it is right now?


You've challenged yourself to something far greater because that's our human nature! We want to grow and we want to see more. It's not the topic of you being an eternal student but we are speaking of growth. Are you doing the things you should be doing for you to able to grow to the next level? That's always challenging yourself and understanding what your learning points are. 


As you start to understand what the energy of abundance is you seperate yourself from your fear of this paper or coin idea and you open yourself for different ways of feeling rich. You will create this success within yourself that allows you to find more ways to create happiness. 


Abundance starts with feeling satisfied and continuing to re-create that feeling. 


3. Don't push money away. 

We forget this one a lot because we aren't aware of it! There is a reason why money is disappearing in your life and the main reason is that you're not keeping tabs on it. Not only would I recommend you keep track of all the money coming in but also track all the money that's going out! I promise you, you will be shocked to your core when you see how much money "goes out the window". We do this because of old beliefs that are installed in us and we haven't taken the responsibility yet. That part comes when it starts to hurts so bad you can't do anything but accept, heal and change them. For me, it's always trial and error when it comes to trying new money habits because I never learned what does and doesn't work when I was young. I wasn't raised with a structure on money and all I saw was we didn't have enough, there was a reason to fight over it and it makes people unhappy. Even though I have read so many money books and how millionaires do it, it's hard to find something that works for you. 


Something that you can keep track off for you and that makes you feel powerful, so over the years I have created some of my own. The main one I discovered was that if you don't love yourself you won't allow money to come in and money won't stay. It's because you are sabotaging yourself to stay where you are! When you don't allow yourself to be happy guess what you're doing with the money? Right! You're spending it on stuff you don't need. You keep making mistakes because you convince yourself that this is the way to go but the way to go is to start understanding how you can save money and if you can't to learn why that is! Understand your resistance towards money so you can heal from it. You learn what your resistance is and you'll find yourself understanding why there isn't more flowing inside of your life as we speak. 


Find what makes you give it away and heal what will help you keep it. 


Money is such a fascinating subject for me because I've been studying the energy of money and actual ideas of money for a while now. The main reason why I started to dive into this energy was because of my ways. How I would always feel stuck in the supermarket when my kids would ask me for a chocolate bar, or when I was in the store and I needed to buy myself a bra and I couldn't make it through the door without feeling guilty! I was so tired of feeling overwhelmed by money that I decided to understand the energy better and I realized so many different things that I was able to create a good balance with money. I've come to reason with money and it's like having a relationship with your mom, sometimes she will lecture you and tell you: I told you not to do it", and other times she'll tell you "its okay you are safe". Find what works for you! 

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