Write it down.

This moment where all the ideas are coming through but you can't keep track of it all. You feel overwhelmed because you want to get started, but it feels as if you aren't ready. The energy isn't right and you feel tired. How can you feel tired when you are so ready to work on your goals? I understand the problem, I've been through it many times, that's why I feel it's important to discuss this subject and every-time it comes up for you to remind you that reaching goals is possible when you get organized! When I connect to the Universe there is so much information coming through I can't process it all at the same time. I have to pay attention to the words that just pop-up in my head (the downloads) and I have to make sure I keep working on sharing my messages with others as well.


At times (many times) I tell myself I'll write it down later, but I promise you, that later never comes. Because good ideas disappear within 16 seconds of coming up. The idea that comes through usually comes at a moment when you are relaxing. How does it get started? You've done your homework, you expanded the mind, you went through your meditation process and now ideas are coming through. You feel good and ready but now that the ideas are coming through you keep slipping and they disappear. We don't want this, remember. This time we want to work ahead and make sure everything that comes through is right for us and it's manageable. A lot of times when we start to feel good and clear-headed we just want to run off and start creating. We don't take the time to process the information that's coming through for us. It might be that we are just so excited to continue or we feel like we've been waiting for so long. We force ourselves to keep going but you have to take some time. You have to give the Universe time to catch up with you. They have to get to work on behalf of you and they can't when all you're doing is being on the move.


When we take our time.

As soon as you create time between reaching your goal and getting there, and release your fear of trying "to get there", you allow the Universe to show you the path of least resistance. You allow the Universe to show you the next step. It's when we start to take steps out of our personality we lose control and our overview of where it is that we wanted to go in the first place. We're not sure and that's because you are not connected to the Universe. All you're trying to do is move forward but it's frustrating, isn't it? When you always have to be on the know of what to do next you also put this pressure on yourself of what you have to do. You might feel overwhelmed and not sure what you should be doing and would love to ask for help but just don't know how to even begin asking for it. 


Then comes this moment when you feel tired. You are exhausted and feel overwhelmed. It might not always be what you want it to be and you can't see where you're headed anymore. You've lost sight of where you wanted to go and most of the time when we lose our sight of the path that we would love to travel upon it's because we have lost our connection with ourselves. You wanted to do too much by yourself and you haven't made the time to stay in connection. Simple practices like meditation, journaling or anything that will help you to get to neutral are enough for you to get you moving forward again, but most of the time when everything starts rolling we forget to take a break as well. We forget that we have to pause because we feel so good. 


We are just so grateful. 

If you've been waiting for so long to get started again, because you were stuck for so long, you don't want to wait for a sign of the Universe before you can get started again. You just wanna move ahead and keep going but at times when you take your time so much more can happen for you. Let's say you'd take a couple of days to just relax and receive the messages that are trying to come for you. Perhaps you've asked for guidance but aren't sure if you are receiving it or you feel tired but are afraid to slow down. If you don't move nobody will move but in truth, it's if you don't move nothing will happen and that's not always a bad thing. This is when we rely on the systems that we have put into place like our automation or our cleaning services and we trust that others will help us or ask for the help that we need. 


When you slow down enough to hear the messages that are trying to come through, your worries about the next steps will fall away easily. Let's say you want to move forward and you're just too impatient to sit down. What can you do to slow down and sit still at the same time? What I like to do (because I am like this as well) is for two days I write down all the things that are coming through. Let's say I am jogging and all of a sudden I get this idea, then I put it in the memos of my phone. If I'm at home I'll write down everything that comes through on little pieces of paper. After three days there is paper everywhere and I sit down on the table and I start to put everything together. I start with the biggest pieces of paper and then work my way through the small notes.


The names.

I usually find little fun names on the little papers were I've written down titles for services or products and sometimes resistance comes through and want to change everything again. This is why writing it down becomes so important because when you're in this period everything is possible which means you could easily fall off the wagon. Especially if you are sensitive to it, like me. I change my mind like the wind direction so it's really hard for me to stay focused. Mainly now it's become a part of my sabotage and I'm grateful that I've learned this now instead of having to keep running the same cycles. This is what I would love for you as well. To know when it's time to calm down and get everything on paper and when it's time to move forward.


We tend to get afraid our goals aren't achievable when we feel like we "are wasting time", but you're never waisting time if you are connected to your true self. Everything happens for a reason and when you let go of your fear of outcome the Universe get's a chance to get some work done for you. That's that moment when you ask for something and it comes your way. It's because you've stepped aside and allowed it in. You can imagine how frustrating it is for the Universe to serve us. We want so many things and then we leave the door on a tiny little opening and pray for the biggest things. At times we can be so afraid of not finding fulfillment because we are too focused on where we want to be and what we want to achieve. We watch our idols live the life we want to live as well and when it doesn't come in as fast as we want it we give up. 


Take them off stage.

The most important thing we forget when we watch our idols is that they as well went through this long journey to get where they are today. It wasn't overnight that they reached success but we put pressure on ourselves. We want to be perfect but there is no such thing as perfection. There is just the journey. The way you want to go. There is no other way. There is no way where you fail and others get to go where you wish to go. You decide, today, at this moment what will happen for you in this world and what suits you. Too many times did you give up because you were afraid that you weren't going to make it and you look up to others hoping they will give you the answers but what everyone is trying to tell you is that you have to be patient. It will happen for you. All you have to be is consistent.


How do you become consistent?

1. Don't be afraid to press pause.

When you press pause you can get the messages from the Universe. These messages come through after you've asked for guidance. Usually, we ask for guidance when we are resting and ones we start to get small messages we want to run. The magic isn't in running, the magic is in being able to stand still long enough to receive the guidance that is trying to come through. Which would mean that we have to take our time in really understanding what the message is that is coming through. If you would be able to press pause for just a day, I promise you it's enough, and just listen to the words that are coming through you would get to know yourself on such a different level. You will hear all the negative talk that you're using that's holding you back. You will also hear the messages that are coming through from Spirit. They are always trying to help you move forward and towards your goals so don't be afraid to listen. 


When we pause our breath we are focused on connecting.


2. Write down what comes through.

Every-thing. Even the mindset that you are noticing, write it down. When you write it all down it becomes proof to you that the thought exists which means that either its a good one or its one that's holding you back from making progress. Every time you feel yourself slipping in negative thinking you will recognize it and you can course correct. That's why you make sure you have it written and everytime you look for answers you only have to go back to your notes. I keep all my notes seperate. If you don't write it down you won't be able to understand what's going on because you won't recognize it right away. This way you will stay in the same loophole while you could be headed forward. So, if you are feeling you are being left behind, which in truth you never will be, you should make sure you focus on your mindset a full day and just listen to the thoughts that are coming by. Sometimes you will hear some phrases and you'll write it down and feel better and other times you will catch yourself saying things like "I'm not good enough", "I'm fat", and then you can work on those negative beliefs as well.


Don't be afraid to confront yourself.


3. As you see it come together. 

When you start taking positive steps and writing the steps down you will feel as if you are in motion. You won't feel afraid to move because you will feel supported in every step you're taking. If you feel supported fear will subside and make room for change. Most of the time we are afraid of change because we don't know what it is going to look like, but change is good. Change allows us to become something more amazing and it shows us that our lives can be different. Most of us use our time to visualize what we want in our lives but without affirmative action, you won't do anything else but visualize. Be the change you want to see in your life and don't be afraid to welcome it. If you do what you always do then you won't be able to create change. If you're always on the same schedule the Universe won't have time to show you a different way. You will feel lost and unsure of what to do next because you will start to believe in this lie you tell yourself. Remember, we talked about the importance of writing down your negative mindset as well. When you start to wander off in the mind then these are the moments you will need what you have written down before. This allows you to recognize what's going on so you can move forward. Don't be afraid to want change. 


You are just changing your standards. You are raising your vibration and telling the Universe you know there is a better life waiting for you. You can feel it in your bones there is a better life waiting for you. You just have to move past your fear of failure and believe in yourself. When you can do this I promise you, you will see change. It won't take as long as you think. The smallest changes can cause the biggest ripples and you will be so proud of yourself that you took the leap of faith and decided to do something about your life. You decided to not be stuck in the mud but do something about how you feel. You don't allow this sadness to take you for a stroll anymore but you will learn from it and move on. 


You will be able to create change. 


It's when we write the messages down, change is allowed in our lives. We open the door to abundance and we tell ourselves in so many ways that more is possible in our lives. We don't fear change when we are pure love and we know most of our fear comes because we don't feel good enough for the change that we are trying to create in our lives. You have to push yourself sometimes and other times you will have to be able to press pause and allow it to happen for you. You can't always know the answer and no one is telling you that you should but you want to be open for many things. You want to be open to change and see the beautiful things unfold in your life that you've been waiting for. 


You deserve it.

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    Elise Severino (vrijdag, 09 augustus 2019 14:49)

    Hi guys! What do you think? Is there a new level coming through for you but you haven't been able to get it right?
    1. do you always write your ideas down first?
    2. do you tend to overdo things because you move too fast?
    3. how do you feel when you figure it's not really what you wanted to do?