Let go of control

What is control and why do we allow it to take over? It's not every day we get to work on our goals but it is every day we allow control to stop us from creating a life we are dreaming of. Control is something that we have created because we know what it's like to not be happy. We felt the wave of fear hit us and tell us that there could be something else happening if we don't do something. It could be that your parents told you you're not good enough or maybe you started second guessing every decision ever since you were laughed at during an event. There is always a reason why control can come up and mostly it comes up when we feel triggered. Triggers happen when we aren't connected to our Inner Self. Our True Self, the Authentic person who's in control and gets to decide what decisions need to be made that are in your highest good only comes out to play when you're connected.


How does one of those connections get established? It starts with you understanding what it's like to be connected. To be connected to everything that is around you and with the Universe. We get this connection through a Spiritual Journey and the fastest way for you to get connected with your authentic self is through meditation. Now, you might feel like this is too difficult for you and as a beginner, I get why you'd feel overwhelmed by the idea of meditation. It's already overwhelming to sit still let alone sitting still for 15minutes straight listening to meditation-music. There is no good or bad way for you to meditate all that counts is that you're able to connect with yourself and your Soul. You find peace within yourself. When you're in neutral you're able to hear the whispers of Spirit who are trying to guide you to a life you've been dreaming off. 


A lot of times we don't meditate because we think we know what this state is, but thinking is not the same energy as feeling. When you feel certain in life there is no more doubt, there is only thought. A thought with possibilities that surround you and every moment of the day you'll start to notice how so many things are available for you. It's at these moments we create amazing things and put it out there in the world and you need to trust yourself that you can get there. Meditation is made for you to find a quiet moment in your day. Perhaps you like to meditate before you go to bed, which I can agree on is a good thing to do, but my favorite moment to meditate is in the morning. When everyone's asleep I go downstairs and the first thing I do is meditate. The amazing part about this is when I meditate in the morning I'm able to hold the energy that I've created during my sleep. 


Attraction point changes.

When you go to sleep everything goes back to neutral. You're not attracting anymore because you're asleep which is amazing because that means that every single day you get to begin your day like a day you wish to have. No one is there to tell you what to do if you don't want it and you can smile more this day and enjoy your journey more. Everything is possible and you get to do it all over again. What if you had an amazing day yesterday and now you're wondering if you can maintain it. Yes, you can! Because if you fall asleep feeling grateful you're going to wake up feeling grateful and it's going to be amazing. You are moving forward if you feel good. Now, before we take that to the next level I want to share something with you that a lot of Lightworkers get wrong. 


You don't have to be in connection the whole day! A lot of people think that they have to be fully connected to Spirit the whole day! Can you just imagine? Hearing the voice of your Spiritual Friends the whole day! When I started my Spiritual Journey this was happening and I couldn't even go to the supermarket and stand in line without feeling overwhelmed with all the information I was getting through from my Light team. I had to make a cut somewhere and make sure that there is a moment where I just get to be myself. I get to be a mom, a wifey or a daughter. Where I just get to be myself because although I love channeling messages from my Light team I also love enjoying life and spending time with my family. If you have to be "on" the whole time it's hard for you to enjoy life because you're constantly receiving messages.


Make magic for yourself.

Instead of always working for others and channeling information why don't you use this receptive mode for yourself. You're always receiving anyway why not use this amazing opportunity to ask Spirit to help you find more happiness in life and to become a little bit better at finding the right moments in your life. As you start to get answers from Spirit you'll get excited and you don't want to quit. One of the first rules that I laid down with Spirit is they are not allowed to wake me up! When I was at the start of my Journey they'd wake up in the middle of the night and I just couldn't sleep afterward! Who can, when they see all these amazing things happening at night. The problem with that was that when the kids would wake up at 7 I'd be in trouble! It's hard to keep this up and that's why I always ask Spirit to leave me sleeping. They can come through while I'm sleeping in my dreams but no waking up unless it's for something amazing and spectacular! Which it usually is, ugh the struglle is real!!


When you first start with your connection to Spirit you feel how amazing it is to be connected to everything. Not only will you learn the answers were there all along but now you've learned that there are different ways for you to move forward in life. It's not only about pushing anymore but it's about understanding how you can let go and enjoy. When you enjoy life more, your need for control starts disappears and you start to feel more motivated to get going. You can feel the creative flow coming through again. The only thing that kills creativity is control. Us wanting something to be something so bad that we're willing to kill it with our control just to make sure it starts to do what we want. Just imagine killing something in the thought of-because if it doesn't work for me it won't work for anyone. Have you ever heard anyone say these words and think to yourself- that person is absolutely out of their minds?


What happens when we kill our creativity?

But, you're doing the same, probably in a different context, but you know what I mean. When we control our lives in such a way that it's taking over what we're trying to create we are losing focus on what's important and that is to find happiness within ourselves. Happiness is not something that can be found outside of ourselves. It's something that comes from within and the only way to find it is through connection. To do your best the whole day to make sure you stay as connected as you can. Each time you feel yourself being triggered by a remark or if you see the person you look up to move forward in life or share a post about something you feel you needed you don't let this take you on a journey through memory lane. You do something about this emotion and you get yourself back in connection. Control is our human side. The side that needs to know everything that's going to happen with the fear that if we don't we won't get what we want. 


The cycle of forever and ever.

We let our fears take over because we're tired of running up against the same wall but the only reason you keep running against that same wall is that you keep doing the same things that aren't making you happy over and over. If you do what you did you're going to get what you got and if you get there what are you going to do about it? I love to think we always have this opportunity to change our attraction point. We can decide what we want to attract in our lives using the Law of Attraction. We are in control of what we love to have in our lives and what we don't want to have but we are not in control of how. We can't say to other people that we want them to do something if it's not in their high-test good and we can't force people to do something they don't want to do just as much as they can't do the same thing to us. When we ask the Universe for something we have to be able to trust that if it's in our Highest Good it will show up! But mostly we have to trust that we can get what we've asked for. 


More times then ones we ask for something but we back down because we start to control everything in our lives. Just imagine this: you are in a cycle, every day is the same day, you wake up and you go to work. You're at work you eat the same thing, or maybe today you decided you were going to have a salad instead of tuna sandwich, when you come home you eat, take a shower, sit on the couch and go to bed. Where is there room for Spirit to come in when your cycle is like this? If your daily routine is the same thing every-single-day when is Spirit going to help you find something better in your life? A lot of times we stick to a routine because we feel like this way we are prepared for whatever is supposed to show up in our lives but it can't because there is no room!


Now, what do we do now that we know this? Let's go through three steps that will help you set up a magical moment for yourself asking for what you want without having to control it.

1. What do you want?

Knowing what you want is important and when I was in my starting shoes of understanding manifesting I never understood why it was so important. But it is and knowing your why is the ultimate goal you need to reach because when you know what you want it gives you focus. You know what to let go of and you can start to clear all the distractions that might be happening around you. You don't want a green lollipop when you're manifesting a red one so every time someone offers you a green one you know to say no. When you know what you want you to have this steady course that you can work towards and it gives you clarity. It also helps you to lose the controlling part because you're busy with it. You know it's coming. 


It's just a powerful feeling to know that you're headed towards that one thing that you wanted and it doesn't matter how big your goal is. It's about you understanding that you can get what you want. 


You can get anything you've dreamed of when you allow it to happen for you.


2. Let go.

When you've asked for what you want it's time you let go. This is that magical moment where you get connected to Spirit (through meditation, or whatever clears your mind) by getting to neutral. By becoming quiet you have this moment where you get to receive that information you needed in order for you to know what the next right step is. When we always move and not take a second to relax we don't give the Universe the time to catch up because all we're doing is moving around. This also is a form of control and we need to make sure we don't get caught up in it. You don't always have to be on the move for you to get what you want. 


When you become quiet you're able to hear the next moves and attract

that amazing life you've been dreaming of. 


3. Do what you're told.

Then when you get that amazing idea and that light bulb moment hits you, you need to get going. Don't wait, don't procrastinate and don't get distracted. This is that moment you've been waiting for and now it's go time! It's your moment and most of the time you won't get past this step because you've noticed how you controlled your way through step 1 and 2 and now you are wondering what's going on. You might wonder why you are feeling the way you're feeling but I'm here to share with you if you have been controlling your way through the first two steps and you still managed to get that light bulb moment you need to write it down first!


Don't go and move around yet, because you haven't heard the whole messages come through. The right thing to do at this moment is to write it down and to leave the words there. The rest of the day you will get the messages through from Spirit what needs to happen next but that only happens if you take a break. Don't wait for anyone else to catch up with you if you got this amazing idea. A lot of times we keep ourselves from moving forward because we are afraid of showing our talents. Don't be afraid! You get to do what you have been dreaming of all this time and all of it starts now today.


Don't be afraid of the words that come through just for you.


You can build a life that you dream of when you can let go of control. Control is triggered by fear and nothing more than that. You can tell yourself you want another life but if you don't make the moves and take those steps nothing will happen. Spirit talks to us daily even when we think they are not listening, they are. We have asked them for help and to show us the way  to abundance but if we don't allow that help nothing will happen for us. You will stay where you are and that is not a bad thing but if you have asked for help because you want to move forward then this is your chance.


Love note: wouldn't it be amazing if you'd be able to let go of control? During a 2 on 1 session, we can clear your energy and bring you in full connection to your True Self. This way you know exactly what to do while connected to the Universe. For more information please look here

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    Elise Severino (vrijdag, 09 augustus 2019 14:51)

    Hi everyone! Control (puff) it's something right?! But how do you deal with your control stuff? Let me know and inspire others!
    1. what does control do for you?
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