Reach your tribe

As we start our journey ready to serve those who we feel are waiting for us its important to ask ourselves "who do I wish to serve". When I started my Spiritual Business I thought that "this Tribe" everyone was talking about was a group of individuals that you needed to have figured out before you got started. Like knowing your target group before you write this amazing marketing plan. Even though I loved marketing at school I wasn't able to connect with it in my business because I wasn't able to balance out my Spiritual approach to most of the work. Even though the knowledge was there, it was the mixing of what I wished to bring as a service, to how I felt was going to be right that wasn't working together. You know, that moment you know you should be doing something the traditional way but your gut tells you different? It wasn't until I studied the Law of Attraction when I started to understand a good marketing idea works when you have the Universe as a partner. 


Working together with the Universe has been one of the most powerful steps I've ever taken in my life. Mainly because this time around I don't have to worry about all the little details. The Universe has taken care of it and now I get to work with my creative side first. See, I love to be busy and I love working on my business. It doesn't matter to me how many times I have to start over or how stuck I get in the mud I honestly always come back to this moment where I am right now. Always as a service to the Universe with an amazing Spiritual lesson at hand. Even though I know I'll make mistakes it feels like my goals are achievable. Mostly because I'm understanding more how to make the combination between working and allowing. But you need to bring that Earthly foundation as well in order for everything to work. I'm a movitated little worker-bee who on the other side also loves to relax and enjoy life. To me that's what life is about, being able to enjoy it to the fullest while finding fulfillment in each life area. It helps to keep the mind occupied, I guess.


In the beginning I struggled with getting myself out there. I didn't know who I was serving which made me go into sabotage mode A-LOT. I tried to understand what my plan was and what words I needed to use but what I forgot was it wasn't up to me to get the people there where I needed them. It was up to the Universe to do that part. I had taken over their role out of fear that it was never going to happen which put me in a particularly hard part in my life. As I kept forcing and going I found myself in a Spiritual burn-out, my body completely in meltdown mode. I was so afraid to miss out on life I decided to do everything myself. As if I had all the control of the Universe to direct everything and everybody exactly how I needed them to be not understanding that it just doesn't work this way. I was so afraid it wasn't going to work out the way I always dreamt off that I was controling everyone like a puppet and even took over the role of the Universe by telling them how it needed to be done. 


You can't tell the Universe what to do if it isn't in your highest good.

There are only a certain amount of hats you can wear or how I like to visualize it's like holding these little white dishes up. You know like how the entertainers do with all the sticks. And I know for a while before the next plate is given to me that I can't hold anymore. I know for a fact that if I keep piling them up that I will burn myself up but nope, I keep piling them up until someone hands me a plate spinning to fast with a stick to long and it all comes crumbling down. That's how I felt when my body gave up and as my husband put me under a cold shower, I couldn't catch my breath, that's how tired I was, I knew that this time I had pushed it too far. I had tried to please others for a way to belong. I was so afraid to fail those I didn't even know were out there that I burned myself up afraid to be judged or misunderstood. Even though this wasn't the first time I had learned this lesson each time the cycle repeats itself it becomes more drastic. 


The first time I went into Spiritual Burnout was a good three years ago. It was after I started my Spiritual Business, but I had made the mistake of building it around what I thought was my Tribe. The difference between then and the second moment I'd lost my energy was that the first time I had literally built a business around what people wanted from me. Every time someone would come up to me I would accommodate and create without ever thinking to myself, "what makes you happy, Elise". I'd forgotten that I wasn't an ATM machine giving out information or help to those who needed it but I was someone that was channeling information to help others. I had to differentiate myself from the story-line and understand that I wasn't the story. I was the messenger. I didn't learn till resently what that meant which is why the second run failed as well. I love being part of the Universal generation that's guiding Lightworkers to find their puspose. The moment I wanted to be something to everybody I lost my center which was why I fell with my second run. 


See, if you don't know who your Tribe is you'll spend time looking for them instead of creating the space that will allow them to come to find you. When you start your Spiritual journey you have no idea who your Tribe is, all you're doing is putting it out there in order for others to get triggered to come your way. During the first three months of my business, all I did was write blogs, record daily videos (which I recorded live on YouTube) and just show up daily. That was it. Nothing else was in movement and I had clients every-single-day. It was when I started overthinking it that I started to lose my focus and eventually drifted away from where I needed to be which was at the healing process.


Connect with your life mission

I lost faith in myself and eventually lost my way at where I'd started from the beginning. It happens to us all and mostly we all make that same mistake, we adjust ourselves in order to fit in. We're so afraid to be ourselves that we are looking for validation to confirm that we are who we need to be. As if someone will literally tell us who we need to be in order for us to find happiness, but happiness is not something you can find outside of yourself. It comes from who you are and what makes you happy and no one can tell you what this is except you. Accept yourself for who you are, find your own core and you'll start to understand what your life mission is. Your life mission comes from within. It comes out when you take steps towards satisfying your own needs, not putting others first and having healthy boundaries for yourself which protects you from making crucial mistakes. Don't get me wrong mistakes are good to experience but it shouldn't be the kind that make you want to quit because you can't see the finish line anymore. 


Abraham Hicks. You need to YouTube that name.

When I was learning the teachings of Abraham Hicks the thing that stuck out the most from all of the teachings was how it doesn't matter what you do when you're looking for happiness. All you need to do is make sure it makes you happy and if it doesn't you should release it. But when you're stuck in the mud and in the midst of all the chaos you have to do things that don't fit into who you are, you need to focus on the things that you want in order for you to find that center again. It's a cycle of being happy, finding it back when you lose it and then noticing the things that don't make you happy and removing them in order to go back to happiness. Round and round you go. But most of the time what we do is focus on what we want. We only focus on what we want living in the fear of never being able to figure it out. Others show us they're finding their happiness and now we're wondering how it's possible they've found theirs when we can't even be happy for a day. 


You won't find it in a day and it won't be there for the whole week. Happiness is pure moments that you create and re-create during the day in order for you to experience. Back to back and round and round. The magic about living in Spiritual truth is that you need to accept that you can't be connected the whole day. A lot of us out there believe we need to be Spirituality connected to the truth the whole day. When we yell at the kids we get mad at ourselves like the Holy Spirit will judge us or heaven forbid, I recognize this in myself the most, we have to say no to the kids, how much trauma can we give them, right?! What type of damage are we doing? I needed to learn just like maybe you need to understand that you aren't in full connection all day. The secret isn't being in connection all day with the Universe. The secret is getting yourself back into connection with the Universe when you lose that connection. When you lose the connection to your True Self it's important that you recognize it, bring yourself to neutral by doing something that makes you happy or distracts you from the situation to then bring yourself back into connection. There are many different ways to bring yourself back into connection. 


How does the information come out?

Everything that comes out of you to share with your Tribe is coming out in certain moments. These moments are in happiness. Doing what you love and not being afraid of it. You have to get that creative blood flowing first before you get going on the rest. I was truly happy when I started my Spiritual Business 5 years ago. For the first time in my life, I could see why happiness was something that we could hold onto and why it was important to do so. But it was when I started making compromises and taking steps out of fear that I lost this happiness. I couldn't find my core anymore because I got lost trying to please the crowd and it was hard. It's an intention you just can't hold onto without burning yourself out. My people pleasing muscle was overworked back then and it has been some times since. I believe it was mostly the believe of not doing it right, looking for validation, drawing it back into a trauma I had with my childhood that needed to be healed. 


Before you start with any endeavor in life you need to understand who you are doing it for. Are you doing it for yourself or are you doing it to find validation? As soon as you start doing your stuff and you need validation and you're looking for someone to say how amazing you are, you've lost your center. Don't look for your Tribe hoping to find validation. Don't even look for your Tribe. Just start sending out truth bombs. Things you want to share just because you love to share them without being afraid of who you are. Being who you want to be will bring you reality and truth. Then when you start attracting your Tribe they will be true. They will see your truth, and understand that your truth isn't THE truth but it's A truth. This was the most valuable lesson I learned during my time studying the Oracle teachings of Colette Baron Reid. 


Let's help you get started on finding your Tribe with these amazing three steps.

1. Who are you and what do you wish to share?

It's a big question so if you need to break out the old pen and paper routine please do so! Don't let anything hold you back if you feel compelled to share a story with yourself. Often when we get a little bit of information that will help spark some ideas inside of ourselves what we do is keep it inside of ourselves because we don't take initiative. Make sure you always write out your ideas and give it a good 24 hours in order for it to sit with you. Write down who you are. What do you love doing and what do you love talking about the whole year-round. Don't think about what other people love for you to do. Think about what you love to do! Then when you write it down think, feel and close your eyes. How would you like to feel as you share this information with others? As you start sharing your message how would you share, what would fit who you are and why would you love to share it this way? Does it work best for you or have you always dreamt of doing it this way? Write it all down. 


Find what's true for you first before you're able to share the truth you see with others. 


2. Identify your sabotage.

As you start identifying your dream and feel inspired to take action there will be sabotage. Not only from the people you expect it from the last but also from you. It's gonna be a bumpy ride but it'll be worth it. What I notice in myself is when I start doing amazing things I shoot back to my small self and start doubting EVERY-LITTLE-THING. It's like needing a fix because I noticed that I haven't gotten my shot yet. It's horrible but at least I know this about myself. You need to identify your own sabotage. If you need help with it please click here


When you start sharing something that you're proud of you are going to feel vulnerable. You're going to feel like everyone is going to judge you. This is the main reason why a lot of people don't share their ideas or start working on their life mission because they feel like their idea is so out of the box it'll be laughed away but when you look at your idols, the ones you look up to that inspire you, don't you notice how their journey has been? Haven't they all, one by one, been through the same story as you're going through right now? Have they not felt fear and get through it and still serve those who needed it by just being themselves and not be afraid?


See where you're holding yourself back and always see where you're headed. 


3. When you get going.

As soon as you're able to step past your sabotage and just start sharing the things that you find important all of a sudden people will notice you. Why is that? Well, actually that's not important. That's just Universal energy at work, like attract like and most people like a story they can relate to. How have you found your idols? Did it happen "accidentally" or did you go to Google and search them? I asked my first 100 clients how they found me and they all answered in somewhat the same context. They all said " I asked the Angels or God for help and then you popped up with a video or blog." Some even heard my name! I tell you, I kid you not. We don't always understand how the Universe works but what we need to understand is that we have what it takes to take the pressure of ourselves and be of service.


Your order of business is being happy first and then move towards making it bigger.


You don't have to sacrifice your firstborn in order for you to be happy and get clients in your business or find love in your life. There is no sacrificing that needs to happen in order for you to find those who you love to connect with but often times we think we do. We think we have to give up certain things and maybe you need to start giving up the bad things and change some things in your life that aren't working but never ever give up who you are. It's just not worth it.

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