The journey begins.

You don't just start your Spiritual Journey because you're curious to see who your Spirit Guides are. That, my love, you can do without the Journey. The Journey begins because you have a longing for home. You feel like you are by yourself and even though you are surrounded by so many loved ones it feels like there's "something" missing. When I started my Spiritual Journey I didn't even know what I was doing. All I knew was that I didn't want to be afraid anymore. I didn't want to feel like life was passing me by. I didn't feel present in my own life. As if everything was decided for me and all I could do was sit back and watch the show. 


I didn't want to be that person anymore and it felt like I needed to start taking control but I didn't know-how. Most people that start their Spiritual Journey only get there because of a traumatic event. Think of a burnout, near-death experience or a loved one that passed away. It's when we get so connected to pain that we get led back to home which is within ourselves. When you feel like you don't belong it's because you're not connected to your True Self. You're not connected with your Soul. We are not as connected as our ancestors used to be because we don't have their immidiate teachings any longer. There's so much distraction going on around us. Think of television, the food we eat and the amount of time we spend inside the house. We've forgotten what it's like to feel connected and it's time to get back in connection. 


This urge of connection just started to happen within this generation. It's now more then ever we are called to come back home. There is a voice inside of us that 's asking us to come back to who we are. This urge to become authentic but mostly to understand what it means to be authentic. I've struggled with authenticity because I didn't understand from the bat what it meant. Authenticity can mean so many different things and it doesn't always relate to your Spiritual Journey. Being authentic is truly understanding who you are and what makes you happy. In Spiritual language it means you are in connection with who you are. In the true meaning understanding what your connection is with your Soul and what your mission is on Earth. 


In deeper meaning.

When truly connected with your Authentic Self there is no reason why you should find your life mission because it's already clear what it is. You have this true understanding of who you wish to be and what you need to do in order for you to find yourself. It sounds like it's a vague explanation of experiencing life on Earth but when you understand that you've come to Earth to find happiness you'll understand what your mission is. A lot of times we search for something that makes us happy not understanding that the happiness we search for is already within us. All the things you see in your life that don't make you happy are the things that you need to start eliminating from your life. It's when we start to work on this resistance we get to know who we are and what we need to release.


This is when your Spiritual Journey truly becomes about connection. Finding yourself is removing all the layers that you've accumulated over the years of trying to understand who you are. When you are born you first learn how to function on Earth. You learn how to ask for things, like you trying to get to know how to communicate. Your first impressions will stick with you and you'll use them many times over the years. Then when it's time for you to start your journey (usually around puberty) you remove the layers that aren't working for you. 


When you become happy. 

As you start to find what makes you happy you'll try out different things. Anything can make you happy but look for something that brings you long term happiness. Finding your True Self during your Spiritual Journey will help you understand what steps you need to take. There will be a million reasons why you can't be happy but then you realize there are so many other things that do make you happy. It's been somewhat years now that us Lightworkers have tried to awaken others. Awaken them to their nature, who they are, but we've had some setback. We've come to realize it's not only about telling others what to do but it's about showing others how to move. Showing others how to live and what makes them happy. 


Now we show others how we live for us to inspire others to live freely as well. Your Spiritual Journey is about healing. That's how it starts. You feel empty and alone and are wondering why. Why you've hit so many boundaries without sharing it with others or why you still haven't chosen to do something that makes you happy. There are so many reasons why we do the things we do but during your Journey, you'll start to realize that you aren't who you thought you were. You'll find yourself amid chaos realizing that all these years you were someone else. Not your True form. You were who others wanted you to be, you mirrored your mother's behavior or your dad's. Perhaps you had no presence of your parents and are now reflecting what it was like for you to not have any. Everything you see and do in your life is a pure 1 on 1 reflection of how you were raised. As you start your Journey or are getting yourself ready to deepen the Journey this is where you start. 


You've come to realize you aren't who you wanted to be.

Finding out you've been doing what others told you to do, is painful. Now you realize why you aren't happy because everything you see around you was never to make you happy it was to make others happy. As soon as I realized I was always busy pleasing others I felt drained. There was no energy in my body left. I felt like I didn't only disappoint myself but that I had let the world down by not being myself. Understanding myself and understanding how others influenced me was a harsh lesson. One of the biggest lessons I had to learn when it came to authenticity was that I was responsible for everything in my life. All the moments I cried about something that happened in my life, the drama unfolding, fights or anything that had to do with making me feel small and worthless all came from me. I had attracted it all and now I realized I had the power to change it. 


All I had to do was choose differently and do things differently but I didn't know-how. I didn't even know how to get started because I was so lost. I didn't even know what I liked. I still at times make the mistake of choosing fear over love. Especially when it comes to clothing. I just at times don't feel worthy of wearing amazing clothes and I always choose what I see as "cheap". Now that I'm writing this I'm trying to process what I mean and it could be because my mother always told me when I was young:, take care of your clothes. Even though we don't have enough money we can still look good.' My clothes now are a mere reflection of this feeling. This fake image of prosperity dreaming of a better life but not understanding where happiness is coming from. 


I can say with truth my mother always made sure we had the best and looked good but it was the intention that was imprinted on me. Now I feel like I can't buy expensive clothes (you know the kind that fit and look good). I'm so afraid of what people might think I just freeze up and buy something cheap. What if they realized I wasn't rich but that I was broke and was faking it, that's how I always felt when I was younger which reflects now. It's a weird lesson to learn but this reflects in so many life areas. The guild of buying something for yourself and then feeling bad about it because you still have bills to pay. Yes, you should always pay off what you can but that doesn't mean that you don't get to live every now and think and do something for you. 


Something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Something that will strengthen the connection within yourself.

Something that will make you feel you are here on Earth for a reason. 


Let's go through 3 amazing steps you can take as you start your Spiritual Journey or are getting ready to deepen your connection. 

1. Get in connection. 

One of the first things I learned when I started my Spiritual Journey was how to get connected. Just understanding what it means to get connected was the moment everything changed for me. I started to learn how to listen to a different voice than the one I had always listened to (others). Now it was time to understand what inside of me wanted to speak and give it the space that it deserved. When your inner voice wants to come through you have to give it the space it needs. In the beginning, it won't say much and you will try and understand what voice is your thought and what thought is the voice of your intuition coming through. There will be many questions when it comes to understanding who is talking to you but you'll learn. You can start your connection by learning how to meditate. Meditation is not always sitting down and breathing. There are different ways. (I'll teach some different ways.)


Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.


2. Trust in what comes through. 

Now, this can be a biggy because when you start your Spiritual Journey there is no trust at all! You'll even go through this period where you hate everybody and everything because of the realizations you'll have about your life. That doesn't mean everybody is a bad person. Basically what it means is that you've chosen poorly. But, now you get to choose again. Remember in life you get shown what you create. When you're unhappy in life it's because you don't feel worthy enough to create a better one. If you have bad friends what does this say about who you are? If you're not happy with what's unfolding in your life what are you doing to sabotage what's trying to come in your life? You have to learn how to trust and be who you want to be. 


People will fall away but that's not to make you feel lonely or punish you. It's because you're making space for the next one to come in and the next good thing to happen for you. Remember, always remember that what happens in your life is a reflection of how you feel from the start. Look around and realize this is what's happening for you. Not to you. Let go of your fears and see everything that comes through is for you. That voice inside of your head that's whispering for you to go left instead of right is trying to teach you something and you have to trust in this voice if you want to move ahead.


You won't always understand what needs to happen but you'll start to feel better. 


3. Never doubt. 

A nice follow upper from the previous step is we always hear what we need to do next but we never do what we hear. That's a fact. 99% Of the time we pretend to be listening to our intuition but what we're doing is testing it out. When our intuition tells us to go left we still go right because we're wondering what will happen when we don't listen. Well, if you look around you right now and feel how you feel you'll understand what this does for you. You stay stuck in the same loophole because you're so afraid to do something about your life. It's not easy to trust and making moves but this comes with your Journey. It comes when you learn how to trust and you start to get the validation that you need in order for you to be able to trust. Slowly you'll start moving forward and each baby step you take will get the confirmation you were looking for. When you move away from drama there will be less but when you trust there will be so many moments that will be worth your while. 


Don't be afraid of the steps Spirit is showing you. It's always in your highest good. 


Always understand everything happens for you and not to you. When you wear life lightly on your shoulders you won't feel the burden of everything that you need to do for you to make it right. This is something an amazing person ones taught me (Colette Baron Reid).


Love note: have you been wondering how you can get started with your Spiritual Journey or are you not sure how you can connect deeper with Spirit? Please feel free to connect with us, we would love to continue this Journey with you and guide you where you need help. Read more about us here

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