Dare to be yourself.

Before I started to really move towards my dreams I was always on the lookout for the next great idea. My dream of being successful started 5 years ago- even though I had no idea what I wanted to do. All this energy was set in motion after I received my first energetic healing. I couldn't remember the last time I felt so amazing and from that moment everything in life just started happening for me. Because I felt so amazing I made it my mission to help others feel amazing. I starting giving others energy healing and thought that this could be that amazing idea I was waiting for. I thought I could make others happy and from there on my mission would fall in its place. I learned a valuable lesson which was you can't make others happy if they don't want to. 


The journey went on for 5 years (with one break-year) and then I closed the door for Spiritual work. I couldn't summen doing one more healing for someone else and I had lost my taste for it. The main reason why I'm sharing this story with you is because in life it's important to do what you're passionate about. Anything less then that won't bring you the satisfaction you're looking for. Through my Spiritual business I'd have successful months but I was always unhappy. After clearing money blocks I now came to understand why I was where I was. I realized I was coming at it from the wrong angle. I wasn't authentic which meant what wasn't authentic to me would keep falling away. 


When you're not authentic in life you will keep running into the same wall but my years of failing didn't go to waste. I learned so much when it comes to how to help others the right way, how to be balanced and why I wanted to share my messages. I learned who my ideal client is, what I expect from them and most importantly what I can give them in return. Not only did I learn how to be a giver, I also started setting healthy boundaries in order for me to be able to continue the work that I am so passionate about. I was able to understand why I did what I did and learn from my mistakes, which were a lot!


It's the main reason why "this time around" I'm able to create more content, be consistent and feel good about it. I'm not in a rush anymore and it feels good! Even though nothing changed in my personal life- still got 2 small kids and a husband- I feel free. I even feel like I have more time on my hands now then with my healing business even though I do volunteers work and work on the side. This time around I'm not all over the place and I even found myself an amazing business buddy who's also an amazing entrepreneur. I'd say I've gained more in the past 5 years that I could ever have gained had I never started my healing business. 


Even though this article is about daring to be yourself I want you to know that you should always trust what you're intuition is telling you. Even if people judge you for it! I've had a million ideas and they would all make me rich but none were authentic to me. Which in the end meant they wouldn't bring me the freedom I craved. Everyone close to me knows I'm not afraid to create change. It's kinda what I'm known for which is not always a good thing, but at least I try! When you're creating a life you love you shouldn't be afraid to shift when it feels like it's not making you happy.


The first step to authenticity.

You have to keep shifting until something feels like it'll make you happy long term! Don't think of an idea that just sounds like fun but when it comes to actually getting the work done you quit. It's so easy to give up because of the fear or maybe even because of the potential of success. I've changed my mission so many times, and even though I'm proud of myself for trying, I also know it was a way to sabotage myself. I was afraid to be seen or that someone would watch me fail. I was afraid to be who I am and translate Spiritual Messages. 


In the end, I knew and want you to know, it's okay to create something you love even if no one else is doing it! A lot of times we look to others and see what they're doing. We look at their success and we wish to create a replica of what they have but we forget it's not authentic. They're doing what's authentic to them!  You just fell in love with their mission! I love how Denise Duffield Thomas has her business set up plus I love how she creates content but that doesn't mean I have to sit down and teach other people how to heal from money blocks. That's her job and that's what she's good at!


You need to do you.

One of my biggest mistakes was that I'd keep myself busy doing nothing. That's why I'm so big on writing achievable goals. That's what helped me create breakthroughs in life. It helped me to become consistent and not feel guilty when I spend an afternoon with the kids. As soon as you catch yourself doing "nothing" you need to get yourself back on track. A lot of times we circle round and around in doing nothing because we're chasing a dream. You're chasing someone else's dreams in the hope it'll be yours someday but it won't because it's not. But it can be yours if you create something that's authentic to you. Ask yourself what makes you happy.


I found my passion in life because I started to ask myself "who am I?" and, "what type of life do I wish to live". There were no "other ideas" I needed to follow but the path of who I am. Someone that loves to create candles can be in love with the process because that's who she is. Loving the creating part. My husband loves take pictures but the kick for him is in transforming that picture into something no else would see if they'd make the same picture. Everyone does what they do for a different reason and you need to find your "why".


Then you can move further.

As soon as you find you're WHY you get to be creative and enjoy yourself. That's when you notice that you don't mind working on a Sunday afternoon (that's me). Plus you don't mind telling the kids to play amongst themselves because there's this one thing that you need to get done (me again). I'll call my oldest to grab me a pen and paper while I'm in the shower because I just received this amazing idea from my Lightteam which I know will help others create a better life for themselves. 


I'm not afraid to do what I love neither am I afraid to set healthy boundaries. That said, I was a year ago. I was afraid people would judge me for who I was because I wasn't authentic. I felt fragile all the time thinking someone would call me a fraud. Now I feel strong and confident because I used to be who I support now (still at times). I've been there. I know what it's like to not be consistent and feel like quitting all the time.


I've been the saboteur.

I can't tell how many times I told my husband I was going to quit, let alone the amount of times I cried about it! It was such an emotional rollercoaster and mostly it felt this way because I couldn't understand why I wasn't moving forward. It was because I kept myself where I needed to be. My subconscious was sabotaging me. I was holding myself back and I needed to expand my mindset (I explain more about this is in the expanding your mindset article). The main reason I kept holding myself back was because I believed in the lies I told myself and you might be telling yourself lies. You might be telling yourself you're not good enough and that you are never going to be successful and I'm telling you, this is the journey you should be sharing with others. 


You need to share your journey with others in order for you to inspire them to be like you. To be like you when it comes to choosing you and doing what makes you happy. You can decide what you do in life and how you wish to inspire others there are no rules or right and wrongs. Whatever makes you happy needs to be created. Without the fear of failure. Just do what makes you happy. A lot of times we compromise on our dreams because we tell ourselves we can't dream this big but we can and we should.


If it wasn't mean to be.

Your dream wouldn't be there if it wasn't meant to be. You wouldn't have been through what you've been through if it wasn't meant to be. I don't know if you believe in the Universe, God or serendipity but there's so much at play around us that we can't control. Everyone knows there's more "out there" and we need to start accepting it. The day you came up with your idea of happiness your prayers were answered. Have you or have you not been asking for a solution for your problems?


And as the solution came through why haven't you been taking action? You decided to sabotage yourself because you're afraid of being different. Of being someone that tried and it's okay to try! I've tried many times and here I am. Still trying. Still making magic happen and I love it! I love the process of creating and when I catch myself making sabotage moves I re-direct my energy. Over the years my support team got smaller but it gained more knowledge. I have more knowledge inside me then I've ever had and the people to keep moving forward. I have more passion for who I am then ever before. 


Things that need to change and three steps that will help you be yourself. 

1. Authenticity is key.

Being authentic means you do you! You create who you are. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Find out who you are and what you love. What makes you happy? I love working from inspiration which means I need a lot of downtime. When I'm disconnected I feel empowered and a lot of inspiration comes through. I don't feel rushed because I know I've got all my systems in play. My newsletters get send out on Wednesday, my posts get posted when it feels good to me and I enjoy time. I can take a break without feeling guilty and I'm not afraid to approach people. Who are you? Write it down in your God-book if you have no idea and keep asking yourself who you are. It'll help you get to the next level of your business fast!


Who am I and what makes me happy?


2. What makes you unique.

This is a different step from being authentic because we compare ourselves to others. We look up to successful people and then we want to be like them. This is where we hit a snag because we can't be like others, remember. We have to be authentic and do what makes us happy. Write down what makes you unique. What life lessons have you learned and what do you love? My husband loves to take pictures but it's the change of perspective he loves the most. What does his work have to do with his life? He comes from a journey where he needed to beat the odds which reflects in his work. His work helps him to filter out the emotions he doesn't always have words for and his pictures speak. 


Remember, you don't have to do what you don't like. I am a very spiritual person but I don't need to teach meditation. I love money and learning about money blocks but it doesn't mean I have to teach this. I am a mom who happens to know how to translate the language of the Universe. I support Lightworkers who are trying to find their mission or reach their mission. Having my own mission has made me content with life. It's something I wish to share with others by supporting them. 


You can inspire others by being yourself.


3. Never change.

Don't be afraid to change it up! Be you! I've changed my ideas for I don't know many times. A lot of times people are afraid to make a change for the fear of "almost at the pot of gold". I get it, especially if you have read Napoleon Hills book it's scary to switch. But I've never been afraid of making mistakes. That's why I've made so many. They all come together now and I've created this overview of what not do. It enables me to focus on what needs to get done and what works for me. I'm not afraid to move forward and I found peace in my heart- now I deploy patience. It's not about winning a race it's about giving it time. Being on time and not feeling rushed. I'm not doing it for the money I'm doing it for the love of my life. That's what changed. I'm not afraid of not being successful anymore nor do I fear I won't be able to provide for my family with my life mission because I am! I am serving my family with my mission because I am doing something that's true to me!


When you become your highest good you become a better person and therefore you're giving so much more. When you're a happy person how much value do you think you'll be able to give to your kids? If you have a successful life and you're able to go on vacation twice a year how many workers do you think you're supporting by doing what you love?


Always remember it's not about reaching the finish line.

It's about enjoying the journey while she lasts.


 Love note: you can be who you wish to be all the time! Don't be afraid to do so. If you need support in understanding how you can be more authentic and what this means to you please book a session with us. We'll help you move in the right direction. Have a look here.

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